Hello all,

I am 28 years old and have about 4 years experience as an accountant. I am currently enrolled at a local university taking two intro computer science courses. I am curious as to what opportunities might be available given my accounting background.

According to my academic advisor I will be eligible to enroll in their M.S. of Computer Science program after completing eight core c.s. classes (btw this is a reputable state school in my city).

I have not decided how far I want to take the computer science degree/career. I figure the spectrum is anything from becoming a business analyst to a software engineer.

I guess my plan to date is to continue with taking the C.S. courses and try to make the switch to a business analyst. Then continue with classes if I choose to do so.

Does this sound reasonable? I would like to hear your thoughts on what educational requirements and alternatives are out there.

Thank you.

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I'm not an accountant myself, although I'm a programmer and both my parents are accountants, my father owning his own firm.

I am yet to code any software that is related to any accounting processes but in the past me and dad have both spoken about ideas for software that would help out his company.

I don't know if it interests you, but that could be an opportunity: developing custom software solutions for accounting firms and so on..

I have a friend that is in IT and has said there is a strong job outlook for people to develop accounting applications. He said there aren't enough developers that understand accounting. I would be interested in this. Just not sure what level of schooling/certificates are needed and how to get my foot in the door. Not even sure where to get my foot in the door. I think it would be great to work for a consulting firm that develops these types of programs. I am not up to speed on the IT employment industry. I assume there are companies that provide customized software to businesses? Do the large accounting firms offer these services?

I'm sure there are companies that specialise in accounting sulutions, I don't know any though sorry. One thing I can recommend doing is constantly checking on freelancer.com for accounting projects and have a go at programming these projects by yourself just to see if you can do it. Once you feel confident in your skills you could start trying to find work with companies or by freelancing.. Best of luck.

CoolBeanBob - Hi. I was originally named CPA2CompSci and you responded to my thread two years ago. I have since updated it (noted at the top of your thread). I am interested to get an update as to your progress. I am finishing a masters program in computer science now. I hold a CPA license and hope that this with my prior accounting experience will put me in a good position to find accounting programming gigs. Email me at bornoutofseason@gmail.com. Thanks ...

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