Hello, I need some help. I would like to select a record from DataGridView and display it in Telerik ReportViewer. How can it be done? Can suggest me how the coding should be because im a student and new to VB.Net.


please be more specific , i think you could use need datasource event of telerik report. and get selected record of the grid there and then assign values to your report textbox. like this

' do something like this in need datasource event of the report.

'i am taking two textboxes FirstName and LastName in the report 

txtFirstName.Value = form1.datagrid1.("Firstname",datagrid1.currentrow.index).value.tostring()
txtLastName.Value = form1.datagrid1.("Lastname",datagrid1.currentrow.index).value.tostring()

This code will assign firstname and last name in the telerik report.