Hi, I just need some help here.. I want to align the text output in Pole Customer Display like


but the of total is not displaying the amount and the euro symbol is display "?"
Can you help me guys? Thanx a lot in advance

Below is my code for pole display

 Dim sp = New SerialPort("COM4", 9600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One)
        ' to clear the display

        'first line goes here
        sp.WriteLine(Label1.Text + "       " + ChrW(8364) + Label3.Text + Chr(13))
        '2nd line goes here
        sp.WriteLine(Label2.Text + "       " + ChrW(8364) + Label4.Text)


The question mark might mean the Pos can't interpret the character. If it's supposed to be able to, the documentation should say what character code to use.

Formatting should be possible using the PadRight method that is part of the String Class(Label1.Text.PadRight(15,"."c)). The caveat to this is that, if the font is variable width the results will still be inconsistent. The best option would be if the display will accept a tab character, again this info should be in the documentation, which should be available somewhere online if you don't have it.

Thank you for the reply sir but I already tried to use tabs and still can't get the output I want. I tried padleft() but also didnt work.. Later I'll try the padright() .. How can I output £ symbol on pole?

Like I said the documentation for the display should say what character code to use. If the pole display doesn't have the euro symbol in their font, perhaps the manufacturer has an updated font you can install in the display.

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