Ever since I started looking into JavaFx, I've been wondering about the future of desktop GUI development. A lot of platforms are using a psuedo HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 for GUI development now, incuding (I believe) Windows 8. Even JavaFx seems to do away with the idea of "drawing" the interface element.

What budding technologies seem promising? As a young developer, which ones should I learn? In general, where do you think desktop GUI development is heading? Are there any examples you think resemble what the future will be like?

I'm asking mostly from a skill-development perspective, but also just general curiosity.

In my opinion, this is a domain that has a new "cure" every other week! Personnaly, I don't GAS (Give A Sh!t) as long as it stays out of my way, lets me configure it to my needs, and works without my thinking about it. Most current GUIs are useless in these regards in my opinion... :-(