Hello! can you give me some ideas on how I can make the field values to field names?

what is field? what is values? can give the details?......

I have a table that has "name" as columnname1 and "age" as columnname2. so my inputs are "gerry" and "25". I want "gerry" to be a column name of the other table.

You can write the create table statement as a string, concatenating or adding as a parameter the name "gerry" where appropriate and then execute it as a nonquery from VB or send the specs to a sproc in SQL that will do the same and use exec(string) to get the same result.

The question is why would you have a column with a name that you don't really know? Won't this make your life a lot harder trying to query or whatever?
Can you please explain what you are building and why this column has to be named after name?