I had really less experience in VB. NET (creating small and basic applications, working with progressbars, buttons and other really easy and basic stuff).

I know that C# is more powerful (but hard, too) than VB. NET. So, I am deciding to create programs at a more pro level. Please suggest me websites which contain tutorials, video or ebooks which have a nice and simple explanation starti from the basics and then moving on to a higher level gradually.

As I have never programmed in C# please give me sources which I can easily understand.

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Since what you ask for is very subjective(what's easy for one person, might not be for another), your best option is to google "C# tutorial" and keep trying the different ones until you find the one(s) that suits you.

Since your goal is professional programming, you might be better off taking a college level full time course. From what I've seen these online and night school courses are mostly a waste of money, either the information is obsolete or so basic that you don't accomplish much.

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A litle moe references would be great and much helpful, though I'm watching video tutorials which the first anser gave me.

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