I have "discovered" a need to do some development for an embedded system. We have a PC-104 computer that boots MS-DOS 6. It does have VGA display and regular keyboard input. I need to develop some code to drive a digital I/O board. I can do this is C or Basic. I will be primarily working on the PC-104 but parallel development on my desktop would be nice (Windows XP and Windows 2000).

The PC-104 will boot from a flash disk but I can transfer data via a USB mass storage.

What development environment do you recommend and where should I get it?

Thanks for your time,

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you still have several 16-bit c/c++ compilers available: Turbo C/C++, Watcom and Microsoft Visual C++ Version 1.52C. The M$ compiler is difficult to find, but the Borland compilers can be easily downloaded free from their web site. The Watcom compiler is also free, but I'm not sure where to get it -- you will have to google for it. You can NOT use any modern 32-bit compiler such as Dev-C++ to compile for MS-DOS 6.X and earlier operating systems. That means your programs will be limited to running in about 400-620K memory. If your program is small that may not be a problem.

Thanks for the reply. I will start with Borland.

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