I am new to vb.net Pls. Can someone help me on how do to display my data saved into sql server from form1 to datagridview in form2 with vb.net. Thanks in advance.

From your question my understanding is that you have saved your data in database through form 1 and you want to see the updates on form2.

In form2, you need to use SqlCommand, SqlConnection and SqlDataApadter classes and an instance of DataTable.

See the example below: (untested, but give you a good start)

Dim con as new SqlConnection(yourConnectionStringHere)
Dim cmd as new SqlCommand(YourQueryHere,con)
Dim da as new SqlDataAdpater(cmd)
Dim dt as new DataTable()

da.Fill(dt)   ' Fill Sql data into Datatale 'dt'

DataGridView1.DataSource = dt  ' Data datable with GridView

I would highly recommend you to see these classes on MSDN.

Hope it helps!