hey there,
I am looking at a maven project that makes use of another maven project. say project A and project B.

In context.xml in project A, I see these two lines



I have been trying to figure out what is the actual value of classpath, so what I did is looked for where inside project A oneFile is located and deduced that the rest of the path to oneFile is what classpath holds. However, that location, that is src/main/resources does not seem to hold the otherFile. Instead, the otherFile is in src/main/resources of project B. My guess right now is that <value>classpath:otherFile</value> is of no use in project A, so it can safely be removed. However, I am not so interested to move that line as I am interested to know what is the actual value of classpath, or is there any way I can find that out. perhaps .classpath file can make that clear for me. I will look at that, but someone with experience please elaborate.

Thanks in advance.

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try mvn dependency:build-classpath

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try mvn dependency:build-classpath

hey masijade, thanks for your reply. I did mvn dependency:build-classpath and it downloaded some artifacts and output the apsolute path to my project's dependencies. But I am not sure that clarified things for me.

What I am trying to figure out is: when I type classpath:fileName in an xml file, where does it look for file fileName? Only src/main/resources in the current project, or in anyother location inside current project? as I described in my question above, context.xml in project A contains classpath:otherFile, but otherFile is not inside project A, it is inside project B which is made use of by A. this is confusing me.

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