I will donate $10 on paypal for a few python assignments to be completed

Just a tip.

Paying people who now are professionals wont help you become one. The smart thing to do is to tell us what this assignment is and we will try to help you with it.

If it was a regular project I would take the money and try to do this but it's an assignment it would only benefit me not you.

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I just need it to past the class for now I will learnt it later when im face to face with teacher I can learn it through an online class, is you are still willing to help

One question though:

What are you currently doing? Is it an online class

And also explain to me exactly what your problem is thank you

yes its an online class for game design I have read the book looked at videos i get the concept but i don't understand when to use what varibles to make this do this and so on and so on like i am completely lost i need a step by step lesson or something.

I would recommend to work through all excersices, looks for me that you have been looking but not doing the excersises. You learn mainly by doing the exercises, so you would be stupid not to do those.