how can i make the system (execution process )wait for some periode of time

am I missing something? I don't see any constructor in here ...

Sorry - my fault. It was originally posted as a code snippet, I changed it to a Discussion, and the code vanished. But basically it went

class A {
   A() {
      new A();

ps Sorry akhilchandranms, if you would like to post the code again that would be great.

Thanku sir i got it

class A{
static int a=0;
new A();


I think you should try to compile and execute that code before assuming you have finished!

commented: Yes. And we know why. ;-> +6

there are other methods also wait notify notify all etc use that too....

nira: Are you suggesting that OP should use wait notify notify all etc to meet his requirement of "make the system wait for some period of time".
Please make sure your answers really do relate to the OP's actual need.