I have to print the invoice in my datagrid using datareport but i dont have the total amount of all the selected items.i have uploaded a picture. I hope u could help me..thanx

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I believe this is exactly what you ask for. If the link is broken you are looking for "adding a function control to a data report".


sorry for late reply bcoz im on a 4 day vacation after ramadan.so i got an error message after adding some header and footer.i uploaded a picture so you can easily know what it is.

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Welcome back! I had figured out the ramadan connection. It has been quiet around here.

Take a look at this. There is something about grouping in the data environment before running the command
If that post doesn't make sense, DaniWeb has several more that are similar. Just search the fault you are getting.


The method I used is to calculate the grand total in the front end before updating the database and then I will save the database with the total amount and Using labels in the data report i ll print the total.

It will be simple.

Hope this helps you.


i try all the things in grouping in data environment etc.. still i got this error "report sections do not match data source".man im crying huhuhuhu


This looks pretty specific. Maybe
Scroll down to Building the Shape Statement and see if there is anything new


Mr. Klahr, can u modify my datareport for me? hahaha my god im stress..hahahaha if its ok to you??

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I wish I could! Maybe a walk around the block. You know how it is when stress starts to take over. I've solved more problems sitting on the loo or standing in the shower than I can count.

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