i have this class

  int totalavailable;
  other informations;

and i made a list LinkedList<theclass> where all available rooms
The user want to see if two rooms of any of the available rooms that are at the list are availables and produce a result with the available options.
for example
availablelist: (2,lala1),(1,lala2),(2,lala3),(1,lala4) where (available, room name)(available list)
if the user search for any room and available 2 then the result can be
(2,lala1),(1,lala1) & (1,lala2),.....
if i have the available list who i can make all the available options?
Thank you very much

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your question is confusing,you said in example to get room with available 2,
how the result can be (1,lala1) ??
Please confirm your use case.

As for now,i think that you can use map(key-value pair),with room-name as key and available as value.


the user want 2 room any type of room so one result is 1 room type lala1 and 1 room type lala2 do you understand now what i want to do?
Thank again


The thing i can do is something like this:
i have this list:
The user want to search for 2 rooms any type so the result list i want to produce is like this
(2,lala) , (1,lala)->(4,lala1) , (1,lala)->(1,lala2), (1,lala)->(1,lala3), ....
these are the available options and is a linkedlist of linkedlist.
I hope you understand me

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