how can i keep track of new users to my website. for ex: X is visiting my web-site regularly, so for per week count, i have to count him only once and if Y has visited as new user, then up the count by one. so how can i keep count of unique visitors on my site? I am just asking the idea, implementation is not needed by me. thanks in advance if you can help me.

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no. i hope it is not in C. Actually, this was my interview question which was asked in round 1 which was tagged as "C concepts round". So I thought I should also keep it there only. They just want the solution , no matter if they are asking this in C concepts round. what can be the solution of this ? thanks.


I don't have any idea -- probably have to use mysql database table that includes ip address and counter. I'm sure one of the web geeks will know how to do it with php or some other language.

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