I've been trying out python codes looking at the python tutorials at python.org. I've been getting a better idea of it now and the tutorials are very good at teaching practical programming. However, I also want to apply for Python jobs so what a little bit of theoritical information on the languages and little better concepts on the language. So I would like read some book along with following the tutorial. Can you suggest me which one to buy?

P.S. I'm a beginner at Python programming but I'm not new to Programming. Have knowledge of C and Java

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There are many books offered free online.
You can find Game programming related books at this link:

There is also a good book for beginners called "A Byte of Python"

Also try Python Programming for absolute beginners by Mike Dawson, a veteran game developer. Don't know if the book is available free online. The hard copy comes with a disk with useful codes.

Along with any of these books, I suggest you go through some video tutorials available on Youtube.

There are many resources for learning on this site itself.

So Good Luck with Python

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You can learn from youtube videos. There are plenty of them for learning python. I suggest checking out python4information page. Alternative follow python tutorial to learn some basic concepts. Google has Python class but for intermediate programmers. Have fun learning python :)

"Dive Into Python" Mark Pilgrim's free online book, novice to pro, is updated constantly, and has been rewritten for Python3

check appendix A for Py2-to-Py3 differences

Thank You all. I've heard of dive into python a lot.I'll have a look into it. :)

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