I am creating the Notepad.exe app,
So I want to know Some Codes here.
Need Codes For:
• Find,
• Find Next,
• Replace with.,
• Replace all with.

Please Help me out by solving this thread.

Reverend Jim commented: Show some effort -3

You have to show some effort. We are not going to write this app for you. Even a minimal knowledge of vb is sufficient to write what you are asking. It's basic string manipulation.

@ Revered Jim,
I can understand...
But I tried to do it so before.
But it succedd half, and rest not work for me.

I Just make the find button. but it can find the first word that I type on the find box and the form1.textbox...

Error I cause:
• If a word is repeating 5 times then I have to find that word.
Then I get the 1st word only while I can't skip the 1st.
So That I need Help.

I am not saying that create application for me.
But help me to create my own application

You can specify the starting index in the Substring method. Let's say you are looking for the string "the" in the phrase "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy white dog". Once you have found the index of the first "the" you can start looking at that index plus onbe to search for the next occurrence. Or you can start looking at that index plus the length of the string you are looking for.

You are right same way,
But I need some codingwith explanation.

If you could tell me that How can I make The Cursor position then I can make it. But i can't Understand it so please explain me the code