I am creating an app.
where I need somewhat help.
I use font dialog box for textbox...
and this working but How can I save the font on the settings???

I mean: I am creating the notepad app.exe in such a way that whenever the user change the font, then the fonts get changed in settings. so that whenever the user open the file same Font will be prompt...

Default font: Verdana ; User change font to: New Times Roman.
Then User Font get saved in settings.

So whenever the user open the application he wwill be prompt with the New Times Roman font ....

If someone can help me then Please help me out....
as mush as fast possible....

So your plan is to split the project into modules, then ask people on Daniweb to write each piece for you. Not cool.

It would help if your English was better, but from what I can make out of your post, you'd like for font settings to be saved right? Assuming you have implemented the font changing functionality, in VB (as far as I can remember), you can easily save app settings by using the built-in tools Visual Studio provides you.

TL;DR version: Right click on the TextBox and select Properties. On the Properties panel, expand (ApplicationSettings) and click on the three dots (...) button in (PropertyBindings). Find the Font property, click the drop-down menu and click New. Enter the Name for the setting and click OK.

I have attached a sample project so you can better understand it. Let me know if you need more help.


@ Reverend Jim:
I actually got this Idea from one of my friend.
But now a times they are having great ideas but I don't think that i am at there position.
So I want to know programming as much as i can....

So I always like to know the code where I failed.
And How the codes implement on it that too...

Man, you didn't let me know? Did my solution work for you? If so, I would appreciate it if you marked the thread as solved as a thank you. Rep is extra appreciated. That being said, if you still have questions, I'm here for you.


I will try it and mark it as solved if it worked for me...
I open the VB.net but it crash for some reason so I am reinstalling it.
Thank you as for your good response

the simple coding get me help.
It seem difficult but its so easy:
For those who like to do this coding is here:

Add textbox, button, fontdialogbox, create new settings as font and change the type to "system.drawing.font" then simply go to value and click on the ... and add your dont that you want to open.

Button (change fonts)

Textbox.font = fontdialog1.font
my.setting.font = fontdialog1.font

Main Form_Load ....

textbox1.font = my.setting.font

Thank you...

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