1) I need to create a simple bash shell script that will promt the admin for a user name and then create the user account and change password... thx a lot......

Well, we won't simply hand it to you. What have you tried? What code are you currently working with?

very new here that's why no idea how to start... by the way may i know u know WML?

I wish to write a script that replays every other letter of that word with asterisk and reverse the order of the work. below r my code.
and it not working...

 <card id="card1"title="INPUT">
        <onevent type="onenterforward">
            <go href="reverse.wmls#reverse()"/>
<setvar word="words" value=""/>

    <card id="card2" title="OUTPUT">
        input the word:$result1
        The result are $result2 and $result3

extern function reverse(){ 
    var a;
    var b;
    var word=Dialogs.prompt("Input the word:","");
    var word2="";
    var word3="";
    var word4=String.charAt(word,0);
    for(var i=String.length(word)-1;i>=0;i++){

    for(var i2=1;i2<=String.length(word)-1;i2--){

    WMLBrowser.setVar( "result1",word); 
    WMLBrowser.setVar( "result2",word4+word3); 
    WMLBrowser.setVar( "result3",word2);
    WMLBrowser.go( "#card2" );

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