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I'm currently looking into the possibility of essentially using a graphical tool to create a box-and-lines expression table, flowchart or the like and being able to convert it to C# if/if-else etc statements. Whilst able to code it manually, it would make large trees a lot more sustainable... I know Visual Studio 2012 offers this but alas, I simply cannot afford the cost of the Ultimate edition. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go with this?

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Are you looking for an existing tool or suggestions on how to go about writing your own?

Currently looking for an existing tool although at the moment, I see no such all inclusive tool available without a massive mark-up in pricing. I don't see this as a particularly large project really and am quite surprised at the lack of options available.

does visual studio 2012 premium have what youre looking for? Cause if it does i could help you out

Unfortunately only Ultimate has what he's looking for. There are plenty of tools out there that do what he wants, they all just cost.

It doesn't have to be a free program, just not have the massive price tag attached with Ultimate. :)

I'm currently looking into a fair few programs but have found none which actually produce if-else statement trees from a diagram yet. :(

well since i m a student i could give you my account where i can download all microsoft products apart from ms office. The thing is that that i ve already downloaded VS 2012 ultimate and it can not be downloaded twice.I ve seen that VS 2013 has come out but it s just some preview version.

Have you tried using Windows Workflow Foundation?

It's not exactly what you asked for, but it might be what you want. It allows you to define 'activities' and the logic for when to execute those activities under certain conditions. Effectively giving you the box and line logic you asked for.

Just a suggestion.