IMO, VS2010 with PythonTools 1.5 is the best IDE.
it may not be as glamorous as Eclipse or PyScripter,
but it certainly has more functionality and accuracy than either of them.

-intellisense (PyScripter does a better job than Eclipse)
-split file scrolling (not sure about PyScripter, but Eclipse doesn't have this)
-interactive interpreter support (for any python interpreter)
-multiple and custom python interpreter support (Python, IronPython, Cython, Jython, etc...)

-"indentation guides" like notepad++ (add-in)(download on google (that name))

I'm also waiting for PythonTools 2.0 which offers many more features including C++ integration.

I've also tried SharpDevelop, and it's not really all that good for python development...
it uses IronPython as it's main, which presents issues for python add-ins.
configuring external interpreters is a pain.

PyScripter has alot of glamour, but it doesn't have an interactive interpreter.

is there anything like VS but with more glamour and conveniency??
such as what Eclipse provides??

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I have always regarded Eclipse as bloated, and since it is written in Java, very sluggish. Now, Visual Studio is gigantic and hopefully a little quicker. If you already have VS then Python Tools might just be the answer. For me, portability is very important.

Comparing the 8MB PyScripter IDE with something that is over 1GB is somewhat unreal. It's like comparing a speedboat with an aircraft carrier.

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IMO, VS2010 with PythonTools 1.5 is the best IDE.

Say that you mean that,don't speak for everyone.

PyScripter has alot of glamour, but it doesn't have an interactive interpreter

PyScripter has always had a interactive interpreter.

Spyder is ok,and istall with winpython,to get a lot of tools as addon.

is there anything like VS but with more glamour and conveniency??

Not free but has a lot stuff like VS.
PyCharm a newer big IDE for python.
Supported: Python 2.x or 3.x, Jython, IronPython and PyPy,Django.....



To me Python has always been the quick tool to develop ideas. A bloated cumbersome IDE does not help.


@vegaseat: portability... I see
in that case, I do reccomend Eclipse as PyScripter (being slightly better) has alot of load time when informing you (intellisense wise).

EDIT: though you could always keep the installers on hand :P

snippsat: PyScripter has always had a interactive interpreter.

oh really? :o
I could never find it to perform coded tests before inserting them into my code...

but in any case, I never found out how to set the interpreters...
so debugging was also a pain...

I've seen PyCharm, and it looks pretty decent...
but yeh, I disreguarded it... (free software only with me)

I've only heard of the other 2... >_>
if there's a cracked version, I'll gladly take those over VS.
(a personal hate for Microsoft)

I know, you guys prbly don't reccomend cracks with the whole legality issues and that,
but thanks anyways :)

I'll leave this open cause I'm looking for official free IDEs.

I used to be that way.
intellisense and debug statistics really helps.

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Have you ever tried using Komodo Edit? Their IDE is pretty good, you can have it in either mac, windows, and unix... here is a link to the product: http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit

You may like it, I personally don't care what IDE i use... it could be komodo edit, vs, netbeans, or some other...


@snippsat: huh...
that was never there when I used it. 0.o
though that was with 2.7.2

thanks for the input on that :)

@james.lu.75491856: I've never even heard of that :o
I'll look into that one, thanx :)

@<M/>: I'm not worried about portability...
I'm worried about the features offered.
(the more features, the better the IDE, IMO)

this is exxagerated a bit,
but I want to be able to see how the code is processed.
(so I can make it more efficient in the dynamic state)

I'll give Komodo a try. :)

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