hi i'm new to vb. how can i write to iterate while loop till the end of the string.. can any one help please...

Please explain in more detail what you want to do because I really don't understand what your saying

If you are reading the characters in a string then

    Dim aChr as String
    Dim X as Integer

    For X = 1 to len(MyString)
            aChr = mid$(MyString,1 ,1)
            'do code
    Next X

If you are reading from a file that will be different.

len function is not working...
its considering it as an array...

thank you......

make it
mid$(achr, X, 1)
that should work better

sir problem is not with mid$
but with len(string)

when i write like that, it shows an error that len not delared

Never Forget to increment the value of X. in you case it will always return the same character because start position is not incremented. so don't forget to put X=X+1 after mid$(achr, X, 1)

try this

Dim str As String
Dim i As Integer
i = 1
str = "String"
While i <= Len(str)
MsgBox Mid(str, i, 1)
i = i + 1

hope this helps you . . .