Hey guys. I want to learn how to make a speech recognition program. I don't want it to be JUST commands. I don't want it to be JUST dictating either. I want it to be commands, dictation, and I want it to be kind of like talking to a real person, like having conversations. I know that it's going to take alot of work but I believe like I can do it. To start of simple I want to learn how to use SAPI to do speech to text. I know how to do text to speech but not the other way around. I'm just going to build a little bit at a time. I was wondering if anyone could find me any good and reliable tutorials, examples, or open source software in VB. I've tried looking but I'm not sure what's reliable and not. Again I'm starting small so just speech to text. Then I'll build my way up slowly. Thank you for your time. :)

well you can try looking at this and then just make the changes and what i think you will need to do is that you will need to create the library where your application will refer to for the commands and also give suggestions something like "Did you say ______" because the quality may not be clear and the system may not correctly get what the user said this will prevent typing wrong words and also I think you will also need to look or work with curent window so that the program will type on the current open program maybe the notepad or any text additor but use the current window maybe like current active this means the active or the ontop window it must type there unleas you specified the place to type to. Out of time can't keep on typing at the moment.

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