Right now I have a bunch of textboxs and such and when I click a button the account goes to the ListView and when you click the ListView the information goes to the controls, also I'm able to move the items on the list up and down with other 2 buttons and now I'm stuck at adding groups.

The user inserts a "Name" on a textbox which will be the group's name and there can be unlimited groups.

[Group 01]
Item 1 <-- index 0
Item 2 <-- index 1
[Group 02]
Item 1 <-- index 2
Item 2 <-- index 3

If I click the "Item 1" on group 2 it should NOT be able to go to group 1, Any help at adding unlimited groups at run time?
(Articles would be really helpful)

  • Thank you.

Sorry for the messy thread I was typing and an emergency happened.

Best way to put this is like an "address book"

3 textboxes:
Group name

Group name is a textbox not a combobox, and in that group name can be anything like "Room 124" or "Grade 12", So the useris able to pick in which group this "Information" will go to (Under which group), also the user may "Edit" any of the information (Already have this, everything except for the group part) and change in which group an item is at in the list.

So I've been able to add the groups and such but I'm having problem deleting specif ones, this is the error I have:


When I delete the only item in Group1, and delete Group1, Group2 changes from "Group2" to "Default", How can I keep it saying "Group2".

This happens even when i have Group1, Group2, Group3, and I delete Group2, Group1 stays, but then Group3 becomes "Default" and gets bumped to the top.