I have a 5 listview

listview1 has two columns

listview2 has one column

listview3 has one column

listview4 has one column

listview5 has five column

now i want this scenario in every column of listview5

in listview5 columns

first column of listview5 is equal to listview1 first column

the second column of listview5 is equal to listview1 second column

the third column of listview5 is equal to listview2 first column

the fourth column of listview5 is equal to listview3 first column

the fifth and last column of listview5 is equal to listview4 first column

is it possible??

considering that every listview except listview5 has dynamic data

so i want listview5 is the container or just hold what are the data of listview1,listview2,listview3 and listview4

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Two ways come to mind:
1) Have whatever is updating the other ListView update the last one as well

and the more (seemingly) complicated way

2) Subclass ListView and ListViewItemCollection and have them inherit from INotifyPropertyChange. Add code to the Add and Remove to invoke the PropertyChange event. Have your last ListView subscribe to these events and update itself as needed.

It really isn't that complicated to do, most of the code you add would just be calling the base classes method, then invoking the PropertyChange event.

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