I know to access tasklist of our machine can be done through os.popen('tasklist').read().

Is there any way to read the tasklist (taskmanager data) of other systems connected in a network using Python?

Just reading them will be fine.

Purpose: Main objective of this is to write a script which will say who has connected to the remote desktop( 'mstsc.exe' in tasklist). Suggest if there is any other way to do this. Thanks

Dos' tasklist command seems to support connecting to a remote system.

could u pl explain more about this ??

It writes the output to the screen, so you'll have to somehow read the screen an then clear it (try doing this for clearing the screen:

import subprocess
import platform

def clear():
    subprocess.Popen( "cls" if platform.system() == "Windows" else "clear", shell=True)