do you guys have any idea on how would i know if my app is trying to retrieve data from online database?.i am hoping that someone here can give idea because i really dont how would start doing it...

My guess would be that that would depend on the setup (communication method, ip address, authentication) of your "online database". Once you are connected, the rest should be business as usual. Google "Remote connection", if you have not yet.

Disconnect your computer from the internet and run the app. If it complains then the answer is yes. Alternately you can run the performance monitor as

perfmon /res

and monitor your app for network activity.

how can i do that?.i dont have any sorry im just a newbie ...

Are you sure your "online" database allows inbound connections over the Internet? For example, I know with GoDaddy, you have the option to expose your SQL outside over the internet, but many providers do not allow this option.

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yes x10hosting does i added my ip to the remote sql connection exeption panel..

How are you connecting inside your application?

Generally if you wrap your connect code in a try/catch a problem will be thrown.

Have you check your connection string?

con.ConnectionString = "server = **********.com; user id = *****; password = *****; database = soundpro_Datas"

here is my server string but every time i always throw me and error...i've seen connecting using php and xml but my brain explodes in their codes...i dont get it how..

What error does the Connection.Open() method throw?

You can do a try/catch with a msgbox to find out:

Catch ex As Exception
End Try