Hi guys.

Im doing a project for college where i have a booking system.
The people book for a time slot and i would like to work out how to have a break down of time slots say for one hour periods throughout the day.

Something similar to the bottom half of this picture


How would i go about something like this in VB.NET?



How's this for a picture?

You don't have permission to access /software_screenshot/full/240697-Online_Rental_System.jpg on this server.

i can view it just fine? :S

Its just a random one i grabbed off google images

Still Forbidden here.
Try attaching the image to your next post.

And which part of that image/app do you have problems with?

Id just like some advice on how to best go about displaying a time slot view like the bottom half of that picture.

Basically, there are 2 people giving lessons. You can book 1 hour lessons with them and they need some form of diary type thing. This needs to display a monthly, weekly and daily view.

Just want some points in the right direction kinda thing

Was a.f.f.(away.from.forum:D).
As for a component to do this, I have no clue if there is one or where to find one online.

To get started on something similar to that time slot view, I would use a ListView with columns.
After you get a sense of how all should work, try to create your own Custom ListView and modify it as needed.

Other than that, good luck.

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