I have a pictude box which i want to load with a map,i know now how toget picture box coordinates and would like to conver it into latitude and longitude.
thank you

ps: i seached the net but could'nt understand it ,so please be simple as i am a new in this

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in my project when mouse pointer moves over the static map image the latitude and longitude show displayed on textboxes

Right. The question is how to translate from (x,y) to (lat,long)... and to do that properly, you need to know what kind of projection was used to create the map.

Is there a specific map you're using, or do you want to be able to do this with a variety of user-provided maps?

Only degrees, or minutes and seconds also?

@gusano79:the map is taken from google map and it can be any map according to user choice
@ddanbe:only degrees

the map is taken from google map

Are you using Google's API? They might have an image-to-coordinates method there.

and it can be any map according to user choice

If you're loading user-provided maps, there is no automatic solution. You need to have more than just the image to determine latitude and longitude.

i want to use google api but don't know how to use it

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