I tried to create a setup project for my VS 2010 (Visual Basic) application (which was successful) but now whenever I try to open the solution project (.vbproj) the Setup project loads/opens. I'm afraid because I only have one copy of this project and I can't open the solution file (I still need to do some editing there so I NEED to open it).

Maybe I'm being funny or something, and I'm sorry for that, but this is an important project and I'm really scared and nervous right now. What have I done wrong? Is there any way to open the .vbproj file again? :'(

Some details that might help:
I created the setup file by doing this:
Add New Project > Setup Wizard > On the Setup Project Wizard, check 'Primary Output' and I did not add any additional files because there's nothing to add > On the 'Application Folder', excluded 'log4net.dll' because I needed a setup for x86 and that thing won't let me do it > Added shortcut files to User's Desktop and User's Menu > and clicked Build.

I have done this before and I had no problem, but that was when I was trying to carefully follow this instruction and this (my current problem) is when I am trying to create the file in some sort of a hurry (and I super regret it now).

I think that you left out some "details".

In menu:

  • Click "File"
  • Select "Add"


In solution explorer:

  • Right-click "Solution"

The remaining steps are the same for either:

  • Select "Add"
  • Select "New Project"
  • Double-click "Other Project Types" (to expand it)
  • Double-click "Setup and Deployment" (to expand it)
  • Click "Visual Studio Installer" (to select it)
  • Click "Setup Wizard" (to select it)
  • Click "Next"
  • Click "Next"
  • Check "Primary output from <project name>" checkbox
  • Click "Next"
  • Click "Next"
  • Click "Finish"

After opening the project, try the following:

Open Solution Explorer:
* Click "View" in the menu bar
* Select "Solution Explorer"

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