hi all, i want to start building an authentication server which authenticates the clients to the e-commerce web site . do i need -for example- apache server,or WAMP and then write my code on it, i've not did a server side prgramming before.iam going to use Qt . i don't no where to start from!!!!
thanks alot

If this is a web-based program than don't use c or c++. Use a scripting language designed for web servers, such as php, javascript, etc. And yes, install wamp on your development computer.

Also, force use of secure http connections (using ssl - https://site/...) so the user ID and passwords, as well as returned cookies, are not "in clear" for hackers to see. Anything less, and you might as well not bother with user authentication and just let anyone in... :-)

thanks alot i really benefit from your advice

far better to adopt an existing product that's proven to be secure, reliable, and performant.
Especially as you lack the experience...

there is no experience without expetiments...and yes i have no experience but i want to learn more and more .
and if you have anysuggestions,instructions,any thing related to this topic that helps;i will be very gratefull. thank you all