string steady(int company[][column], int row)//Question 6

    int increase = 0;
    int x,y = 0;

    string Up = "Increased";
    string Down = "Decreased";

        for(y = 0; y < 2; y ++)//column
    {//Start loop

        increase = company[0][y];

        for(x = 1; x < 4; x ++)//Rows

         if(increase < company[x][y])

                    return Up;

         else if (increase > company[x][y])

              return Down;



        }//End for loop

//Hey guys im trying to determine for 2 items, if they were steadily increasing( each quarter which is 4 had a profit higher than the previous quarter) steadily decreased or it went up or went down.

What is the routine doing or not doing, that you want fixed. Also how is your array structured, what does each row and column mean?

If I read your question right, you might need to rethink your approach. Since you're only comparing 4 quarters, compare the first and last quarter and get a net change, now if the 2 intermediate quarters have a change in the same direction you have steady progression. To refine it even further you can check if the individual changes fall within a certain range something like average change plus or minus 5.

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