am awredy maek a table wif MS.Access and i want to integrate it in borland c++ builder... and then i will do dat teh table can be found itz record which r true. if teh table awredy found which record dat r true sooooo it will show in c++ form dat am awredy create before
diz iz mah code:

} else if (DBText11->Caption=="False") {
if (!Table3->GotoKey()) {
Application->MessageBoxA("....","notice",MB_OK | MB_ICONWARNING);

i mean liek dat but it wont work... thx :)

While your childish little writing dialect is cute, it's very rude to the non-native English speakers on Daniweb because they may have a very hard time deciphering it.

As for the problem itself. What is the purpose of this logic? What goal are you trying to accomplish?

hehehe ^^ :P sory if mah englizh iz not gud, datz kitteh language....

az for teh probz, i wanna maek a simple program liek moodle (question hav multiple choize).
teh logic waz purpoze to find a record in mah table dat am awredy mark to show in mah c++ form1

hehehe ^^ :P sory if mah englizh iz not gud, datz kitteh language....

Please write in full sentence English without excessive "txt", "leet", or "chatroom" speak (which includes "kitteh" language) as per Daniweb's rules. Thank you. A "kitteh" word here and there is fine, but even I'm finding your posts difficult to read, and that's saying something.

If I understand you correctly, you want to display contents of the Access table within your form, but records should be unique and not duplicated in the form if a record is searched for multiple times?

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ehm can u tell me whatz ur mind? :o i think ur rite
i want to make some consideration of it, who knoes ur mind was right (y)

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