Hi, I'm trying to build a prototype or model of a program and that program requires the ability to store and retrieve data and operate locally (no network connection is needed at this time). I've discovered the javax.sql package but that seems to only connect to a database. I need to be able to have the creation and management software. I run Mac OS X with a mac compatible gcc compiler. I want to avoid any serious coding, basically a ready to go database program, but my point is that I could use a unix port too if install wasn't too challenging for a unix beginner.

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MySQL is supported on many platforms (link)

Depending on your applicaiton, a truely creative individual might free themselves from the assumption that a relational database is the only way to store data.

Some systems serialize their data to files. It can be remarkably easy to code this kind of solution. It does, of course, have its limitations.

Really creative individuals might consider really extreme ideas, like this one: http://prevayler.org/

What data are you going to be using and how do you want it stored. It may be that you dont even need a database but can use one of Java's libraries to hold data at runtime and load it from a flat file on load.

There isn't a specific type of data, but the pieces will broken into relatively small pieces. I need be able quickly skip to the relevant data and insert new information in the right location. I'm not worried about sorting it. Knowing the memory location might be helpful but I don't know databases well. The program probably won't have a large data set during early tests, but I assume it could grow very large, so efficiency of access, and data storage method could become a concern later. I haven't taken a databases course so I don't know the considerations for sure, or what exactly I need to ask about.

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