How can i make my operating sys have more pixels like windows.

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Assign more memory to the video driver?

How do i assign mo' memory to the video driver.
In the documentation it is written that you can address upto 1MB momory. How can i Have more???????????????????/

1. Your OS has a video card driver?
2. Your OS has implemented a HAL? (Hardware Abstraction Layer?)

If #1 is not met, but have #2 in your OS you can start by supplying a VESA compliant driver. If both are not met, better start working on a driver interface and hardware abstractions. You can always just make VESA driver part of the kernel without a driver interface however I don't see the OS going far on that road.

Hi SamY,
You should switch to protected mode inorder to address more than 1MB limit [upto 4GB] and to see those fancy graphics and also as Ryu said,you should also implement a video driver[VESA,...].
Take a look at

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