Write a minimal terminal emulator which will basically just transmit all characters typed on the keyboard to the serial port and display all characters received via the serial port. Include a set of menu items that will allow a user to:
 Select, modify or set the communication parameters such as port number, bit rate, number of data bits, number of stop and start bits, and parity (i.e., “command mode”).
 Enter “connect mode”. In this mode, the application goes into a loop in which the keyboard is monitored; when a key is typed, the character is sent to the serial port (after checking to ensure that the port is ready). Also within the same loop, the serial communications port is monitored; when a character is received, it is displayed on the screen. <ESC> from the keyboard causes a return to "command Mode".

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So, what's your question? What operating system and compiler is this for? It's fairly easy program on MS-Windows, but might be a bit challenging on linux because it supports so many different terminal types.

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