Now I am very close to the end of my work, thank you all for helping me out.:cheesy:

There is one last strong hold: I need to somehow extract the defining parameters from their associated strings. Below is an example:

Strings received from the server:

BROADCAST "user_nickname" "blah blah blah"

After extracting its parameter and having some modification added:

user_nickname>blah blah blah

I am thinking of:

After I receive the string containing everything from the server, say, *s, I will move forward the pointer by 10, s=s+10, now it should point at the first " before user_... then with a "for" loop, the program will look for the second " after name; everything between is stored as a new string, say, first_string. Then, the pointer s is moved further ahead by one, pointing at the first " before blah, another "for" loop is employed to find out everything between the second pair of ", and is stored in a second string, say, second_string.
Some string output formatting are applied later on.

Any suggestions or comments on my approach?


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