I have a stack method that's supposed to return a reversed copy of the this object. I need this to link this to that, the reversed copy of the this stack. Thanks

public FancyStack<E> reversed()
    FancyStack<E> that= new FancyStack<E>();
        return this;
    return revertStack;

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if stack is empty , you should return some kind of error or throw some exceptions imo.


i dont know what those are , but assuming they do the work they are supposed to , AND its an in-place operation , you are returning a reversed version of stack , but its not a copy of the original stack , because the stack itself has been reversed. here is something you can do :

  1. make FancyStack iterable
  2. in your else() condition , have a for() loop that takes in each member of FancyStack() and put that in a new copy.
  3. apply revertStack.push(pop()) to this newly made copy , and return it.
I want to return a reversed version of the this stack. I basically want this to point to revertStack. Ultimately I want to return a copy of the this object, only in reversed form.

you want to do that ? or you want us to do that ? the later one isnt really an option here.

Also , this is two words , one english , and another java . You say copy and then you say this . that confuses me a bit.

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