How can I search for specific proccesses example "abc.exe" and add it to a listView and read values in it like an specific labels to add the processes on a specific group in the listView.

Any articles would be nice.

depends on the operating system.

Well if I understand this correctly, this is something I just recently looked into.

I can give you some links I found that might help



Now, if you are interested, I was working on a program that would detect a process starting up, and then getting the processes name and other related info. The intent was then to see if that process was allowed to start up and if not, it would close it. If you are interested in something like this let me. I used those two links to build my own classes and functions that I am more then willing to share

I'll be looking into it.

What I have so far: User is able to save/load information from controls to xml and when the application is running it loads all the "accounts" from the xml file to a listView, selecting different items from the listView changes the account (changes the information on the controls), user can set specific accounts to "Login" or not.

Now i need to be able to launch a program for every account that is set to "Login" easy enough, this program accepts command lines, good enough for me to launch the different accounts.

So what I'm having problems with is, example: I will run account "123" and server is "Florida" when the program is running I want to detect if its running, and read values (Hoping not Address Reading) to add that account to a different listView which would be "Running Accounts", I want to read the name of the account, the server and if its connected or not (Reading labels from the program), and from this list of running accounts I can right click a proccess from the list and either Hide/Show/Close the window. I'm having trouble getting the processes and after that I'm sure I'll have problems trying to get the handle of those proccesses through a listView.

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