Hello! Pretty new to Python but I'm kind of loving it. Already involved in illustration, design, and creating web content for clients, but I'm hoping to expand beyond that into full-fledged web development as well. I know a fair amount of html/css, and was looking for advice on other languages (scripting or otherwise) besides Python that might help me out. At the moment I'll be tackling php and javascript next but always open to suggestions.

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Nice going on the PHP, in my opinion (and many others'), it's the best language for generating hypertext.


Thanks! I'm especially excited about that. I've gone back to school for certifications in web development and graphic design, so I have a few lanuages ahead. Including flash, which is a requirement, but so dumb! HTML 5 is pretty much the nail on the coffin for Flash. Wonder if anybody on here knows Flash and Python. I'm curious as to who the techno polyglots are, heh.

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