Hi there,

I'm not a developer. I'm a graphics designer.
I would like to learn about web development. For that I'm doing research in different languages.
Most of them suggested PHP and Python. I know little about PHP. But Python I don't rightly know.
Tell which one I can go with Python or PHP?

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I read an article recently. Found some information about how python is better than PHP. I choose to go with python. It is easy to learn when compared with PHP I think.

for web development clearly PHP. im working with PHP for past 5 years, and built more than 50 projects. with python i dont have that much experience, but absolutelly no doubt that building web on PHP will be faster/easier, more supported with tutorials, also much more frameworks for that, and is much more developer friendly (syntax and casts in example). in fact PHP is suited for web, and the reason this language exist - is to make website development easier. as language, Python is much more versatile and better* . just youre not going to use even a small part of it. personally im all in studying python, but not for web. dont make your life harder if you dont need it lol

If you know C++, php is pretty simple, and can include HTML code quite nicely. That said, I have encountered some pretty significant php bugs in dealing with HTTP conversations, one of which (dealing with transmitting "chunked" data and URL encoding) required some php code updates. I have posted these changes to the appropriate php / pear web sites, but when/if they will be incorporated into the code base is another question.

FWIW, I used php to write a cell-phone web browser emulator for performance testing of our proxy browsers.

I support PHP.The language is more powerful than you can imagine.Our company has build a search engine using php <URL SNIPPED> .We have successfully developed search algorithms in php that can perform millisecond search.Today we search over 6 million pages on the web.

Yeah! Php is very powerful...but Python is used for more complex and large-scale task...from social-networks(like Diaspora) to Search engines(like Google). It all depends on your familiarity with the programming language.

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