java is an easy programming language

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any language is easy with enough time and dedication. anyways , I'm not sure if this is a question , perhaps you posted in the wrong place ?

Java language is somewhere between c++ (hard) and Basic (easier), but that's not what matters. It's the API or libraries that you need. IMHO the Java API is easier than .net, and both are vastly easier than having to write all that stuff yourself.

what makes a language hard ? the same things i can use to say that makes c++ hard can be used by a veteran in the language as what makes it powerful (for specific purposes). However , i do feel that the api , and how much the "principle of least astonishment" it follows goes a long way in saying a language is harder/easier comparatively.

it also depends on what you have to write, off course.
if you are asked to write a 'HelloWorld' application, or a multi-level webapplication using Spring, Hibernate, GWT, ... there might appear some reasons to think Java is a little 'less easy'

also if you are a hardcore functional language guy (javascript , python) , java may not be more difficult , but it very well might be a lot more laborious.