i have a java project for my resume that i put it on github. and i want a fastest way to some one else to run my project.

should i just put all my files there? likesrc, bin, .setting, etc...
or should i just put 'src' files.

or should i put 'bunder' file and 'src' folder?

or is there other proper way which i dont know.

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you want them to run your source files?
if you consider that feasable, jumping to a career in java development might be a bit ... too soon.
first learn the basics, as in: what can we run, how do we run it, ...
depending on the type of application, provide a .jar file, or deploy a .war (... ) file somewhere, and provide the url.

thanks, but I am not looking for career advice from you. just need to know what files to include in git, so its easier for other people to review my project.

you want them to run your code, then provide (as said earlier) a jar/war/ear/...

you want them to review your code, sure, providing the .java files might be handy.

thanks, but I am not looking for career advice from you.

  1. the statement was uncalled for. because
  2. your not even sure which one you want - run or review.
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