I'm starting an external application with Process.Start(). I'm looking for code that can check if this process is already started, and if so bring it to the front. The only solutions I've found so far require me to import user32.dll.

Question: are there solutions that do not require the import?

Presume you did a fairly decent google yourself as you have a brain.. I can't find anything either, the User32.dll is required for bringing the window to front as far as I can see, can find a process using the Diagnostics.Process class or through the User32.dll though.

Was afraid of that, but, question answered.

Hi P,

Useful site if you need to know the signatures of WinAPI methods is http://www.pinvoke.net/

It also has a plugin to automatically insert them for you if you use VS 2010/2012 :)

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