I have been looking for Prim Algorithm on daniweb.com website and I found multiple threads dead but still unsolved. Few people needs expalination of Prim Algorithm and others need its working code. Well, to help everyout out, here is a link to working Prim's Algorithm code which is easier to understand.


Hello, "naamurad".

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums.

Normally, new members make an introductory post in the "Community Introductions" section of the "Community Center." It is not required, but it is nice when new members introduce themselves and share a little information about themselves, their background, what school they go to, some skills they bring to the forums, their interests, etc.

Did you write this program yourself? I notice this program, and the program you link to in your other post (re: Kruskal's Algorithm) were posted by "vishv", Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Rourkela: http://in.docsity.com/en/users/profile/vishv

Is "vishv" an alias of yours? Is "vishv" a classmate?

If the code is yours, I recommend posting the snippet directly into the Daniweb "Code Snippets" section. At the top of the thread listings, there are several tabs:
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"Code Snippets"
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Select the "Code Snippets" tab. Then write a brief introduction for the code, explaining what it does, perhaps some background, etc. Then select the "Code" button, paste your code into the editing window, format the code nicely, then submit it. That way, you better contribute to the Daniweb forums.

(Also, instead of replying to a thread that is 7 years old to post a Code Snippet, I recommend you create a brand-new thread--as a "Code Snippet"--to make your contribution. It is still searchable, and it saves you the trouble of replying to threads for which the OP may be long gone, or no longer interested.)

hello! I am computer sceince student and I have been looking for some help over internet. I found so many results but the codes posted by vishv looked nice to me. I searched at daniweb as well, but unfortunately, i could not get required help.
I used vishv name because i wanted that people give credit to him. But here as I am logged in with facebook profile I could not use his name. My alias name is Naamurad.

Thanks for explaining how to write my own code here, next time I will copy it from compiler and post here directly. Good day.