Hi Guys, Thanks for your help in advance. I have an exe file from sniperspy that I would like to hide behind a picture or attach to a link on a pdf doc which automatically installs stealthily on one click or just installs upon opening of the file. I am trying to send this to my very smart kid whose away in college to watch. The key here I've noticed is that it warns the end user that it is installing an exe file when i test it- I know my son will not install it then. Any help would be appreciated!

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There's a strong chance that what you want to do is illegal. How old is your child? Do you own the computer?

Yes I paid for the computer, he is 18. I'm afraid he has been coherting with the wrong crowd. Is there any way to do this?

If he's 18 then you probably cannot covertly monitor the computer without his permission. Check the laws in your area to confirm this.

What you're asking for is possible but in most cases, any antivirus will detect this and intercept it.

If you are the computer's owner (you paid for it and didn't "gift" it away to him), installing monitoring software on the computer (not just his account) is at your discretion as he will need to agree to your terms of use. However, to do so without notification or agreement in principal is against the law in the EU. Your profile says you're from Connecticut so I'd check your local state laws. 99% sure that it would be illegal though.

For what it's worth, it might be worth talking to some of your son's friends that you think are trustworthy, or the college itself.

PS. With respect to gifting, simply letting him leave home with it can be seen as gifting it to him unless you got a signed lending agreement.

Thanks guys I don't want to do anything illegal, of course, but I was told it isn't illegal here. I'll check.

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