Computer Starts but not signal to monitor

black screen signal monitor turns on problem

Fixed Computer Starts but not signal to monitor

Starting stats
Gigabyte motherboard(sorry dont know what it was exsactly built another computer with it and gave it away)
i5-3570 LGA1155 cpu
1TB HD - Running windows xp
Gigabyte GT 630 2GB Graphics card
600 PSU

So my computer keeped slowing down and I knew something was wrong with the hardware but did not have the money so I just keep
using it after a while it becasue so slow I start fiddling with it. Thats when the computer would start but I would get no signal to the monitor. So I went to the computer store to see if they had an idea, after getting blank looks from the guys behind the counter a customer sugested it might be the PSU.

I brought a PSU and tried to use it but got the same effect. I have enough part lying around that I was able to check all the other components in the computer and worked it down to the CPU or motherboard. I sent the computer to a computer store to see if they could come up with a different conclusion, 6 days later they told me what I already knew the good news was they didnt change me anything.

I replaced the gigabyte with a asus Motherboard, still nothing changed. I replaced the i5 with an i3 and the computer started up but was still running bad. So I back up my files and wiped the hard drive completely than reinstalled xp. It is running faster now than I ever remember it running. (How ever it can not run to its full potential as it is running xp and the soft ward can not see all the hardware)

I use the left over parts to build this
Gigabyte motherboard
i3 -3240
250GB HD - Running ubuntu 64 bit

Ending stats
Asus motherboard B75M-PLUS
1TB HD - Running windows xp
Gigabyte GT 630 2GB Graphics card
650 PSU

DO the lights on the screen come on. Does it make any sound? Did you try booting from a CD?

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