There is a prison of health retarded patients in which each patient is allowed to move within the premises. Each of the patient wears a jacket which is embedded with a seven mobile devices wiz; accelerometer with positioning system to check the movement of the prisoner, heart rate calculator to calculate the heart beats per minute, BPM to measure the blood pressure, thermometer to measure the body temperature, blood glucose meter, pulse oxi-meter to measure the oxygen level in blood and system timer. All these devices are involved for continuous monitoring the health level of each of the prisoner.

Each of the value obtained by any of the devices will lie within certain limits:

Parameter Normal/Healthy Patient Level Threshold
Heart Rate 60-100 beats per minute (bpm) +/- 2 bpm#
Blood Pressure

120-140* mmHg
80-90** mmHg

+/- 2 mmHg
+/- 2 mmHg

Temperature 97.9° F +/-2° F
Blood Pressure

70-130 mg/dl***
70-180 mg/dl****

+/- 2 mg/dl
+/- 2 mg/dl

Oxygen Level 90%-100% -3%

 - If normal heart rate of a person is 60-100 bpm then its threshold with +/- 2 means a range lying between 58-102 bpm; similar with other parameters.

* - Blood Pressure Level of Upper Body.
** - Blood Pressure Level of Lower Body.
*** - Glucose Level Before Fasting (Normally these readings will be checked between 2 a.m. to 9 a.m. because it is assumed that till 2 a.m. the digestion process of the patient will be almost completed and at 9 a.m. the breakfast will be provided to them)
**** - Glucose Level After Fasting (Readings will be observed from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.)
(Ref: You can use a single variable glucose and monitor its value with the variation in system clock)

Description about other devices:

Accelerometer with positioning system is a device that measures proper acceleration and the positioning system involved in it will help in obtaining the local co-ordinates of the person. Local co-ordinates mean you cannot obtain position of the person using GPS system rather they will be computed based on the triangulation technique.
This method uses the lateration or angulation for the determination of location of the person. In this method, some locations are called Anchor locations and it is assumed that their location is known in advance. These nodes broadcast their location information to all their neighboring nodes. Lateration is the calculation of position information of an object by measuring its distance from multiple reference points which is given by:

d = l sin∝ sinß/sin(∝ + ß)

Angulation approach uses the Angle-of-Arrival (AOA) which estimates the angle at which signals are received to find the relative location of the sensor node.

Positioning Method for Measurement in Triangulation Technique
Fig 1. - Positioning Method for Measurement in Triangulation Technique

Here the distance l is known in advance and is the distance between two reference positions C and B of the building. A is the current position of the prisoner and using triangulation you can calculate the position of A (b,c) with respect of B and C. If B represents your reference point of building and C represents your reference point of doctor and jailer then you have to calculate A(x,y).

System Timer: The device is used to manipulate the timer of the devices embedded within the patient monitoring jacket. This will also help to make decisions for blood glucose level and perform a computing operation after every minute (discussed ahead).

Assumptions: The life time of one cycle of the program is one second.

Note: You can use any positioning system if you want. Triangulation method is for reference purpose.


Each person is embedded with seven different values as mentioned above. There are total 100 prisoners which are under health monitoring process and the values computed by similar devices will form a single array; e.g. array bpm represents blood pressure where index value of the array represents prisoner’s ID, similarly this happens with each array of temperature, heart rate etc. The array of specific values are maintained by the corresponding medical specialist; like readings of the heart rate will be maintained by heart specialist i.e. cardiologist and that of location will be maintained by jailer as well as doctors. In the task you have to achieve the following objectives:

The values computed by all the devices are computed after the interval of 1 minute (time can be managed by system timer). For values you can assume a random function separate for each device which computes a valid value lying from +/- 7 of normal and healthy person for all the devices.
If the value is above the threshold value then the corresponding medical care taker will take action, like if heart rate mismatches then cardiologist takes certain action, similarly for temperature physician and so on. You can use Doc1, Doc2 as variables. There are two medical care takers for each problem. The action will completely be dependent on the distance i.e. the medical care taker who is nearer to the patient will have to reach the patient first.
If the location of the persons represented by position A is greater than (100,100) then Jailer will take action to catch the prisoner who is trying to escape the campus.


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