Hi I need help in making an auto complete feature in my datagridview where if I input a certain cell it will automatically have a value or it will have a autocomplete suggestion (like a textbox link to a table) based on my other table. I don't have any clues where to start. I'm using DataSet in populating my datagridview.


This Article is all about using the Autocomplete property in VB.NET. I'm not 100% sure about the normal DataGridViewTextBoxColumn but I do know the DataGridViewComboBoxColumn supports Autocomplete.

Oh nearly forgot you may have to set the autogeneratecolumns property to false to let you specify and work with the column types

Please do tell about the autocomplete in DataGridViewComboBoxColumn. How can I have a ComboBox in DataGridView?

Is it also possible to pupulate the ComboBox in DataGridView like a regular ComboBox? Is it also possible to populate values according to the value input in DataGridView Column like it will automatically populate EmpID based on the EmpName column?


I should mentioned at the bottom of the combobox column link I sent there is an example of adding one to a datagrid and populating it with values while linked to a Datasource.

hmmm so populating datagridview combo box is the same as populating a regular combobox...........tnx problem solved I know what to do now

02             q1 = "select * from stock_left WHERE item_name like '" & TextBox1.Text & "%'"
03                         cn = New SqlConnection(My.Settings.PharmacyConnectionString)
04             cn.Open()
05             ds1 = New DataSet
06             ad = New SqlDataAdapter(q1, cn)
07             ad.Fill(ds1, "DGV")
08             DataGridView1.DataSource = ds1.Tables(0)
09             cn.Close()
10         Catch ex As Exception
11             MsgBox(ex.Message)
12         End Try