can someone show me how to make an animation in turbo pascal?
i'm a new and i'm stuck in making my first game. especially in the animation of the game.

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To start with, what version of Turbo Pascal are you using, and is it an old (DOS console) version of something at least from the Windows era? THe name 'Turbo Pascal' was superceded by 'Delphi' (a Pascal compiler and IDE for Rapid Application Development) in the mid-1990s, hence the question. If it is a DOS compiler, how do you intend to run it (since Windows after XP no longer supports the DOS 16-bit code)?

I would recommend replacing Turbo Pascal (if feasible) with either a recent version of Delphi XE (a commercial package) or a compatible free package such as Free Pascal. The Lazarus IDE is a good way to use Free Pascal in a simple RAD environment, and closely compatible with Delphi. Using a DOS-based compiler is going to present an increasing problem as Windows moves away from the DOS box.

hmm...i don't know much of this version, because i just use what my teacher gives to me. but its name is turbo pascal 1.5.

Oh, my. Considering that I was first taught Pascal in 1986 using version 3.0, it is safe to say that this is not current software. That this version is still in use today by anyone boggles the mind. Of course, I suppose that it could be Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5, which is not quite so ancient, but even then it would date back to the Windows 3.1 days at latest. Why would anyone use 20-year-old software when modern equivalents are available for free?

Setting aside the age of the compiler, can you tell us what you are having trouble with in particular? You will probably have to post at least part of your existing code in order to make it clear where the problem lies. I cannot promise that anyone will know enough about the older graphics libraries to help you, but if you show your effort, we will do what we can.

Thank you for the information

Where should i download the newer free version of turbo pascal? I don't find it till now.

I think i have finished some parts of my first game. The problem is i don't know how to make an animation in turbo pascal, or i can say my game is just words and numbers. that's why i ask if someone could show me how to make a simple animation in turbo pascal.

The best recommendation I have is to download the Lazarus IDE,

It includes Free Pascal as part of the installation.

In light of the fact that the instructor provided the compiler and development tools, I can't promise that getting the current version of either Free Pascal or Delphi would help; if the instructor is requiring the the older Turbo Pascal, then you are pretty much stuck, as the graphics systems have been redesigned since then. I would check with the professor about this before commiting to using the newer version.

If you end up having to use the older compiler and graphics, this page may prove helpful.

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