I am completely lost in my C# class and need some help. Here are the program specs, i just don't even know where to start. Thanks

Create an application containing a large wide List box control, a Read button, and an Exit button.

Selecting the Read button shall cause the contents of the CH21_EmployeeData.txt file to be read from your project's default folder. The text file is tab delimited, is located in
Student Files\COP 2360 Murach C# 2012, and must be copied to your project's default subfolder and used as is. The file does contain a column header line.

Read the file into parallel string arrays corresponding to the columns in the file. After reading the file, close it. Display the contents of the file in the parallel arrays, including column titles, in the List box formatted using the Format() method described in Figure 9-10 of the textbook. Left and right align columns according to convention for their type of data.

Write the contents of the file in the parallel arrays, including column titles, to a file named CH21_EmployeeDataOut.txt created in your project's default folder. Delimit the columns with the pipe (|) symbol. Each employee to one line of output to the file.

Adhere to the following good programming practices. Points may be deducted.

First of all do you know how to start a new project?
Do you know how to add controls to a form?
Do you know how to handle the click event of a button?
Do you know how to read and write a file?
Do you know what an array is?

If you can say yes to all of these then you already have a start, and enough to figure out the rest.

If not what specifically are you having trouble with?

OK, I'll admit that the assignment is not well written at all. Still, it is not that difficult to work out the intended design, I think. Let's go over what you need to do:

  • Declare and initialize an array of Strings;
  • Open the file for reading;
  • Read in the lines of text into the String variables in the array;
  • Close the file;
  • Display the data in a ListBox;
  • write the data out in pipe-spearated values.

Is there any specific part of this that you are having trouble with, or anything you aren't sure how to do?